Why Customer Service is Essential

Some laughter before the serious bit…

Customer service is key to creating a company image that not only retains customers, but encourages existing customers or clients to spread the word through their innate enthusiasm for your company.

In the technology driven age in which we live the average person has access to a massive range of people, from face book to twitter, a good review can spread across the globe in as little as a few clicks, the same can be said for a bad review. Keeping customers happy has become increasingly important with the implementation of social media.

Customer service is what people remember, be it a good experience or a poor one, it is the ticket item that leaves a lasting impression on a customer. The reasoning behind this is simple – customers interact with employees on a personal level, thus employees actively represent a company. While many companies are happy to settle for “good” customer service, the ones that truely stand out in the eyes of the consumer are the companies that implement “great” customer service, by putting in that extra bit of effort, you can create a great name for your business, and a lasting impression on your customers.

Creating a great name for your business through offering exceptional customer service is also a great marketing angle, it becomes something that can be mentioned in all forms of advertising, and held up against that of the competition as your point of difference.

A recent survey by Kayako showed that a massive 60% of consumers would be highly unlikely to return to a business where they had received poor customer service, even if they heard the customer service had improved, so it is essential that every customer is given optimal customer service in all dealings with your business.

In the big picture, it takes little effort to implement friendly, effective customer service within your business, and the benefits of such are both numerous and widespread. It is as simple as going that extra mile and treating every customer as a valued individual, rather than just another ticket to be dealt with.

Customer service is not just one department of your business; at some point every member of your staff will be involved in some way in providing customer service. It is of the upmost import that each and every member of staff can put this effort in, customer service is a team effort.

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Things to Consider When Designing a Business Logo

A company logo is often the face of the company, the first impression people are presented with, and as such your company’s logo should aim to encapsulate the entirety of your business in such a way that it is easily understood by your potential customers, easily recognisable and most importantly fits with the image your company is trying to present to all present and future customers and clients.

In the technologically driven world in which we live, the traditional business card no longer holds the power it once did. In this digital age, people require multiple points of focus such as signs on buildings and a multitude of social media pages (such as linked in, twitter, face book etc.). Several things to consider when designing or redesigning your business logo are:

  • Is the current logo old and outdated? Does it appeal to the desired marketplace?
  • Is the logo you have in mind adaptable? Could it be placed on anything from the pens in reception to a t-shirt or billboard? Can it be printed in both colour and black and white? The best logos are universal, the same image is repeated on all products, and this further integrates the idea of the company. Adaptability is key.
  • Keep it simple! In this digital age, people will judge your logo and indeed entire company based on the initial aesthetic appeal of such; hence the logo will be supported by the product or services behind it rather than by excessive or flamboyant additions to said logo.
  • A great logo will leave an impression and give clients and customers something to remember you by. In creating a timeless logo that can be kept for years to come builds a long term remembrance within your clientele. And remember that your business name will undoubtedly affect the design and look of your logo.
  • Your logo should have a “twist” or “catch” which grabs attention, and intrigues people to delve further into your company.
  • Consider other industry professionals, what do their logos look like? What are the key features? How can you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your industry?
  • Finally, focus on your message – decide what message you wish to convey with your logo, is it light hearted? Serious? Why is your message different than your competitors?
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Getting Seen is Everything

We all know how powerful online marketing can be. We hear about it all the time. But what does it actually take to be successful?

Whilst it is true that the definition of success may vary from person to person, it shouldn’t distract us from the things that actually provide you with results. One of the top priority of a business should be making money. Even if you think money is not the most important thing; it should be, at the very least, one of your goal. Income is a measurable variable. Therefore it makes it easier to measure the progress of your business.

Here are 3 simple tips to build a strong foundation for your online presence. Implement it and you’d be surprise where it may take you.

Tip#1 – Create a website: it may seem obvious, but many business owners do not have a website. A website provide an online gateway to your business, the same way a physical shopfront provide a door for your customers to walk though. Think of it as a real estate space (albeit a digital real estate). It may be hard to believe, but some popular and successful websites are worth more than their physical shop. So talk to the friendly staff at Mind Media to get your very own digital space!

Tip#2 – Create and actively manage your social media accounts: You have to remember that it is the modern age; the potential of your business exploding after a well executed social media presence (such as facebook and twitter) is unlimited. It is a fact that some businesses grew as a direct result of social media. Social media provide an opportunity to engage with your potential customers. So if you don’t have an active social media presence, contact us to make it happen!

Tip#3 – Update, update, update! One you have an online presence, don’t forget to keep the audience updated. Keeping stuff fresh and updated will engage your visitors more. Regularly posting current news about your business keeps the audience informed.


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