Limousine Hire Relaunch in Perth

Here at Mind Media, we have helped many small businesses in Perth launch their project since our opening. A product/service launch is normally associated with a social media launch campaign and other massive “get it out there” approach. Although a raise in awareness is usually achieved, it is quite common to experience a decline after the launch campaign starts to tail off. That is why, we recommend that businesses do a relaunch not long after. In this post, we wanted to showcase an awesome Perth limousine hire company that we helped with a recent relaunch.

Owned by a Perth local, this limo hire company has a wide range of great looking limousines available for hire. So it would be a rare occurrence for them not to have a suitable limo for your event. The awesome fleet lineup includes the Chrysler 300C (several different colours) and the breathtakingly beautiful stretched limo. As the owner would say: search limo hire perth and you will find us! They cater for pretty much any type of occasion. Such as weddings, school ball, night out in town, sporting events, hens night and anything else you can think of!

Here are some of their limousines:

limo pics

The relaunch we did for them included a revised and revamped social media campaign. So it’s not simply just redoing what we originally did, but instead we revisit what we did the first time around and modify the approach at a slightly different angle. Although there are many different focus that may be placed with any launch/relaunch, our main focus is to actually drive quality leads to your business. Quality + targeted leads will no doubt improve the bottom line.

It wasn’t just restricted to revamping the social media campaign! In fact, it was a lot more than that with included things like logo redesign (if required) and content audit. Even if your whole business need a complete makeover… we will make it happen!

With a strong and dedicated staff, we can tackle any jobs (even the big ones) to make your business goal a reality. We will guide you from start to finish… until the job is done!

Back to the Perth limo company that we are showcasing in this post; they are already experiencing a surging volume of calls from people living in the Northern and Southern suburbs within the Perth metropolitan area.  During an active relaunch campaign, don’t be surprised if your competitors starts asking you questions about what you are doing to get that many attention and dominating the market.

So if you just had a product/service launch recently. Why not contact us to see the growth potential in a relaunch! We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Damian (limo business owner) for giving us permission to post this! So make sure you check them out if you’re looking a limo for your special occasion.

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