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Many of you out there would of heard about press releases. Basically where businesses uses online media to get the word out there about their business. A kind of marketing technique that has been around for many years, and there’s a good reason why they’ve been around for many years. Because it works. Now, many methods work to certain extent; but press releases somewhat is very effective. Why? Purely the simple reason of being seen on trustworthy and credible news site. We’ve managed many press releases for Perth businesses who wants their word out there. One of the businesses that we’ve helped out in the past was Perth Removalists WA, check out their website at for more info. A trustworthy removals company who’s been around for many years with a proven tack record of delivering good ‘ol fashion service and taking the hassle out of moving house or office. But this time around we’d like to give additional help to them by publishing this post about their business to let our readers know!

As mentioned before, Perth Removalists WA have been around for many years. They started with only a couple of staff when the company was launched, but they now boast over a dozen staff with an impressive fleet of modern removal trucks. They are also fully equipped to do the job easily and right the first time. One of the worry that people have when it comes to letting removalists do the job is damage to their personal belongings and rightfully so! Especially when personal belongings can be worth a fortune! Things like irreplaceable antiques and the likes. But with the right tools, things like purpose built trolleys and dollies, the risk of damage to properties will be very minimal. Not only your personal belongings are safe, think about the workers. They will also be best protected against injuries, such as back injuries. In turn, complying with the work safe best work practices.

Another amazing thing that the guys at Perth Removalists WA are doing is supporting the local Rugby club, where one of the owners is a member. A local Perth business supporting the local community sends a good message to the public. A message of contributing back to the community. According to the owner, the company’s success is the direct result of them supporting the people of Perth. Believing in that when you help someone, they will inevitably help back in one shape or form.

So, if you’re moving house or relocating your office elsewhere. We, at Mind Media fully recommend Perth Removalists WA.

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