Things to Consider When Designing a Business Logo

A company logo is often the face of the company, the first impression people are presented with, and as such your company’s logo should aim to encapsulate the entirety of your business in such a way that it is easily understood by your potential customers, easily recognisable and most importantly fits with the image your company is trying to present to all present and future customers and clients.

In the technologically driven world in which we live, the traditional business card no longer holds the power it once did. In this digital age, people require multiple points of focus such as signs on buildings and a multitude of social media pages (such as linked in, twitter, face book etc.). Several things to consider when designing or redesigning your business logo are:

  • Is the current logo old and outdated? Does it appeal to the desired marketplace?
  • Is the logo you have in mind adaptable? Could it be placed on anything from the pens in reception to a t-shirt or billboard? Can it be printed in both colour and black and white? The best logos are universal, the same image is repeated on all products, and this further integrates the idea of the company. Adaptability is key.
  • Keep it simple! In this digital age, people will judge your logo and indeed entire company based on the initial aesthetic appeal of such; hence the logo will be supported by the product or services behind it rather than by excessive or flamboyant additions to said logo.
  • A great logo will leave an impression and give clients and customers something to remember you by. In creating a timeless logo that can be kept for years to come builds a long term remembrance within your clientele. And remember that your business name will undoubtedly affect the design and look of your logo.
  • Your logo should have a “twist” or “catch” which grabs attention, and intrigues people to delve further into your company.
  • Consider other industry professionals, what do their logos look like? What are the key features? How can you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your industry?
  • Finally, focus on your message – decide what message you wish to convey with your logo, is it light hearted? Serious? Why is your message different than your competitors?

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